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Online Shop

Tyresafe announce the development of their on-line shop to allow customers to buy the product range online - due for release in July 06.


New Video Online

Copy of the Tomorrows World video is now available to view online along with others that give an overview of the product.


New Website

TLI Tyresafe launch the new website dedicated to the Tyresafe product. 

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TLI tyresafe is a long established company setup to develop and market a new tyre sealant. The product is well established in the defence and commercial markets.

Tyresafe was developed and is manufactured in Scotland. The company was formed in early 1995, in order to fully research and then develop an innovative new 'Puncture Sealant' capable of dealing with the demanding requirements of preventing the flat tyres associated with modern motoring. A daunting task that even the world's largest tyre manufacturers had failed to accomplish, since the very inception of the pneumatic tyre, some 100 years ago.

Confidently, the company continued to forge ahead, utilising and testing the very latest technologically advanced polymers and chemicals. They coupled this to outstanding research assistance derived from several of the very best Universities and NAMAS accredited testing houses in Europe and also from within their own organisation. The resultant manufacturing division was then tested and awarded ISO 9002 accreditation.
Tyresafe is also a 'green' product, environmentally friendly and most importantly 100% biodegradable.    

In 1997, the successful launch a commercial/military version of
Tyresafe, which was an unprecedented technology of remarkable simplicity. Put very simply " with Tyresafe installed in your tyres, punctures are sealed instantly and permanently as you drive .... no more flats!"

Tyresafe was to be honoured at the end of 1999 as a designated 'Millennium Product' by the U.K Government and the British Design Council, which recognised not only the uniqueness, but also, the highly innovational nature of
Tyresafe. The Rt.Hon.Tony Blair PM presented this prestigious award, at a ceremony held within the Millennium Dome in London, where Tyresafe was on permanent exhibition in 'The Spiral of Innovation'.

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