TLI Tyresafe TV Videos
  These videos are large, we would suggest you have a fast broadband connection (2 MB +) to watch the high quality versions, however there are small versions available for other connection speeds, if you have any doubt about the speed of your connection, run the low quality video first. Download sizes are shown in brackets. Videos will start in another small window and may take a few seconds to start streaming on the speed of your connection.
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  Tyresafe Promo Play Play Play  
  Running Time - 3:35 mins (9 MB) (4 MB) (1.1 MB)  
  Infomercial - Canada Play Play Play  
  Running Time - 8:15 mins (21 MB) (9.5 MB) (2.5 MB)  
  Tomorrows World Play Play Play  
  Running Time - 5:51 mins (15 MB) (7 MB) (1.7 MB)  
  Tyresafe Military Testing Video Play Play Play  
  Running Time - 5:27 mins (14 MB) (6 MB) (1.5 MB)